About Us


We are LoftyFiber

You can reach our online store here: www.loftyfiber.com

We’re located in upstate South Carolina near the Blueridge Mountains. Weaving and fiber arts technology is our passion.

Find inspiration and the tools to take your craftsmanship to the next level!  LoftyFiber loves to help both beginners and experienced fiber artists to reach their personal lofty goals!  We developed TempoTreadle to help achieve error and stress free weaving, and TempoWeave software for weave design. 

We provide high quality looms, spinning wheels and other equipment as well as a large selection of weaving yarns.   We also own Euroflax, a premium long-line linen out of Belgium. We love Euroflax for weaving, knitting and crochet!

We ship quickly and take pride in delivering great customer service!

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