TempoWeave Installation / SmartScreen Warnings

Some of our customers have reported that Microsoft SmartScreen is warning that they should not install the TempoWeave download. When installing software, you should always be cautious of any file download Windows 10 SmartScreen is blocking or warning you about. In this case, if you’re installing from the email we sent you, you’re safe. We’re really sorry.. this problem is being caused by our “change of address” on the certificate we used to sign the software (so you know that it’s really us from LoftyFiber. This will all be ironed out and fixed soon.

For now, if you’re having this problem, follow the steps below to allow the download and install to work correctly. In the instructions below, I’m using Microsoft Edge browser… Chrome will be similar. Other browsers may not give a warning at all. Once you click on the link in the email, you will come to our Download screen. From there click Download and follow the steps below:

Click Download Now
Click the three ellipses and select Keep
Clock Show More
Click Keep anyway
Click to launch and then open to install
Click More info
Select Run Anyway – from here the installation should proceed as normal!

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