TempoWeave is still in Beta

We would like to thank all of our beta testers for the feedback, bug reports and suggested improvements. We’re getting very close to a final release. TempoWeave will be in Beta and those in the beta program will continue to have access until the release at which point you will be offered an early discount. off the full price.

Speaking of pricing. We’ve had quite a few questions on that note. We will release pricing information soon before the software is released. We plan to be competitively priced.

Why do this? It’s such a small market!

  • We’re passionate about weaving, fiber arts, and technology… and we enjoy a challenge! Maybe that should be reason enough. But…
  • We’re makers and so we also like building things. It’s fullfilling to make something for yourself that you can use and enjoy… but it’s even more exciting when you can build something that other people can use to make things for themselves or others. How much more fun can one have than that?
  • Creating TempoTreadle, and now, TempoWeave has brought us in contact with so many interesting people and ideas. The people that make up the global weaving community, from all countries, are really amazing and passionate and we are just excited to be a part of it!

We’ll use this blog, along with our LoftyFiber newsletter, and a weekly “TempoWeave design along” (more on this later) to keep in touch with you. So for now, Happy Weaving!

2 thoughts on “TempoWeave is still in Beta

  1. Well said, Barry! Combining a passion with your personal gifts makes for a satisfying life! Thanks for all that you do!

  2. Thank you so much for offering this application! I learned of it through watching Andy on YouTube (curmudgeon66) he showed a bit of the functionality. I finally understand double-weave tubular, and all because of Andy, and your software! I can finally open up WIFs from handwoven, instead of using the jpg, and creating in excel. This has opened up so much for my weaver’s path. Thank you.

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